Review: Loving The Sak Iris Flap Wallet

Here at The Wallet Wand,  of course we love wallets. If you carry a handbag, you probably use a wallet — so why not carry one that has all the features you need but is also super cute?

We found this flap wallet by The Sak that not only has a lot of slots and pockets to organize the most important items you carry, but it comes in 11 different styles so we just had to talk about it.

TheSakIris_Full TheSakIris_Open

Not only does this wallet have a lot of great features, but it is also 90% leather (the trim is polyurethane and the interior lining is polyester). Plus, it retails under $60 — a lot less if purchased on sale (click here).

What we really love about this wallet is that it comes in 11 different styles, shown here.

TheSak Iris Wallet[1. Black Onyx, 2. Camel Multi, 3. Cayenne Block, 4. Dandelion Block, 5. Leopard Print Sparkle, 6. Linen Multi, 7. Maple Multi, 8. Pink Multi, 9. Pyrite Metallic, 10. Stripe Multi, 11. White Starburst]


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