The Mint Trend, a Gotta Have It Wallet, and 3 Fave Posts

Before this Spring hit, emerald green was touted as the color of the year. But, the shade of green that has been causing all the trend commotion is of the pastel sort. Some call it seafoam, some aquamarine, we’ve even seen it called Crest toothpaste green, but many summarize the whole variation with the name mint green.

We definitely like it. The name brings happy thoughts of sipping mojitos with girlfriends on the patio planning our next girls weekend and eating Thai food — if only because there are not many foods or drinks made with mint that we don’t like. So, with positive culinary experience, as well as the fact that anything pastel is wonderfully girly, mint green definitely strums a happy Spring chord.

When we saw it on the Oops a Daisy Zip Wallet by Betsey Johnson we were hooked. The Oops a Daisy is totally girly — with an edge. See the lace and flower details? Now hit us with some gold studs and a gold metallic background that of course should be there, but who would have thought?

Source: via The Wallet on Pinterest

Love the detail, love the color, and of course we love that we can slip in The Wallet Wand so that we can carry it around. Love. Love. Love. So, with that much love, we were compelled to look more for mint trend inspiration. Here are our top three (fave and recent) posts that highlight the trend and put some mint in our step!

3) … because it reminds us that there could be flashes of mint not only in the clothes we wear, but in decor and things around us. Also found here are swatches of color palettes that others have put together that lets us appreciate how mint can be complemented in a whole color scheme. Spring 2013 Color Trend Mint

2) … because we’re shown three Spring trends and every single mint item she has put together is everyday wearable. Spring Trend Chasing

1) OK, we said top 3 but there was a tie. We really like both of these posts because they show great choices and all are $100 or less…
Color Trend Mint
Color Study Mint Green Pastel

What’s your thought on the mint trend? Do you have something mint-y in your closet this Spring that you’re loving?


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