4 Favorite Confidence Boosters

Spring is peeking in up here in Northern California and the sunny days seem to say “Come out into the world and make it yours!” If the winter blahs have dulled your mood or if you just need a little boost, here are four confidence boosters to help you go out and stake your claim.

  1. Smile.

    We smile when we’re happpy, and even sometimes when we’re nervous. But, when we’re not feeling in the best of moods we don’t need too much research to know that when we smile it makes us feel better.

    Photo credit: WikiHow

  2. Get some restful sleep.

    Starting from the inside out, a rested body and mind will lay the foundation for everything else that comes our way.

    Photo credit: CNN Health

  3. Stand and sit straight.

    Pull in your belly button, roll back your shoulders, and stick out your chest and butt (a bit to make sure you have a graceful curve in your lower back). Not only does this help you feel more open to the world, others will sense you’re more open too.

    Photo credit: Shape.com

  4. Get a little sun..

    Almost like being smiled upon, the sun’s kiss gives us much needed Vitamin D and a natural feeling of being warm and content.

What do you think of this list? What do you think won’t work or what would you add?


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